Organic Trace Analysis Expert Group

Chairman: Lesueur Celine

Dr. Céline Lesueur
Magdeburggasse 10, A-3400 Klosterneuburg





The Organic Trace Analysis Expert Group aims at exchanging information on a level of applied sciences and methods of residue analyses and similar procedures. Despite high economic pressure in an increasingly regulated setting, the data required have to be produced in a fast, safe and reliable manner. Thus we focus upon the practical aspects of our daily challenges.


The Organic Trace Analysis Expert Group was founded under the name of Residue Analysis Expert Group more than 30 years ago as a direct result of the 1975 Austrian Food Legislation.
Since then there have been almost annual expert meetings held within the ALVA conference, with lectures and discussions about the latest rules and regulations and reports from the practical analytic work.
As far as the subjects allow, programs are streamlined and meetings held together with other ALVA expert groups.
Expert group members arise from different areas such as all public laboratories in charge of our field, from universities and some private laboratories as well.


The Organic Trace Analysis Expert Group is meant to be a forum of open discussion and exchange of opinions on current issues and problems of practical residue analysis.