Phytomedicine Group

Chairman: Dr. Roland ZELGER
Dr. Roland ZELGER
Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry Laimburg
Post Auer Laimburg 6
39040 Auer/Pfatten
phone.: 0039 0471 960009
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The Phytomedicine Group aims at promoting healthy plant production in order to maintain high yields as well as providing an utmost inside and outside quality of food products of plant origin for the consumers. Another objective is the implementation of scientific and technological advances in the field of plant protection, considering the requirements of conventional plant production as well as those of organic farming.

The Phytomedicine Group is highly engaged in national and international networking, bringing together public authorities, plant protection organizations, universities and universities of applied sciences, consulters, plant breeders, plant protection industries and relevant scientific societies. Activities and projects carried out in common are supposed to maintain plant health and the yield of vegetable food products, as well as to promote the interchange of knowledge and experience of the members.

The main activities are as follows:

• Securing and improving quality and yield in plant production, while highly considering the interests of both consumers and producers.

• Further development of the ecological fundamentals of plant production (integrated crop protection and production, organic farming and biological plant protection)

• Giving highest possible priority to nature conservation and environmental protection while finding a balance between public interest and the required economic basis of plant production.

• Investigating economic aspects of plant protection.

• Minimizing the effects of plant protection measures on the ecosystem.

• Research in the field of appearance, life cycle and distribution of insect pests, in order to achieve better pest control methods.

• Developing and improving chemical plant protection methods.

• Informing and educating consumers to deepen their knowledge of integrated crop protection and for the produce grown according to the guidelines of integrated crop protection.

• Organizing training and education for consulters.

In order to safeguard a sustainable plant production, integrated production must not be a merely static element. However, it is subject to constant change and requires supporting research as well as adjustment to transforming circumstances. The main issues are as follows: resistance management, different application management according to the varieties cultivated in differing climates, post-application changes of inner qualities, possibility of using different applications, shift in the range of insect pests due to climatic change.

Research is done in the field of providing expert systems with the aim of producing healthy food of plant origin, without any chemical residue, but with an optimum pest control management.